Social media is all about enhancing your online presence through brand recognition and shared communication with consumers. Wordstream’s social marketing statistics for 2017 state that over 22% of the world’s population uses Facebook. With such a wide scope, making effective use of popular social media platforms can be an invaluable resource in generating new leads and enriching customer experiences for existing clients. We utilize the following social media platforms in our marketing strategy to promote your business and stay top-of-mind with unconverted website visitors through retargeting:


Sponsored Posts, Promoted Pages, Conversion Tracking, and Custom Audiences


Promoted and Sponsored Tweets, Event Marketing, Retargeted Tweets, and Promoted


Sponsored Photos and Videos


Custom Brand Channels and In-Video Advertising


Improve your B2B lead nurturing efforts using LinkedIn Lead

A/B Split Testing

Accelerate your social media conversions by A/B testing your social campaigns

Here’s why you should invest in social media marketing with Digital Alliance

Cost Effective Advertising

Two-Way Communication To Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Increased Exposure To Generate Popularity

Wider Demographic Range To Reach Your Target Audience

Endless Content Sharing Opportunities

Email Marketing Campaign Integration

Find out how you can use social media to enhance your digital presence today.