A well-constructed SEO strategy will ensure your business is among the top results returned by major search engines. With Google’s constant algorithm updates, SEO has become a dynamic process that shifts with what is most current in the market. Our SEO specialists are continuously refining their strategies to stay current within the domain of online searching. We want to help you get to the top of the search, and stay there.

A long-term investment with a large payout

At Digital Alliance, we know SEO is worth it. According to Search Engine Journal’s SEO statistics for 2017, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results. A top spot can be worth thousands, just by driving customer traffic. This is why our company prides itself in its SEO expertise.

With every SEO project, we offer the following

The process begins here, with a search for the best keywords and topics for generating customer traffic. These become the foundation for a personalized SEO strategy for your business.

Different geographical areas can vary in terms of which SEO practises are most optimal. We ensure your SEO strategy is optimized for local searches.

A fully functional website that is optimized around our top-performing keywords is essential for SEO success. We will work through your site to ensure it is optimized from both a technical and design perspective for online searches.

By conducting research into target demographics and relevant content material, we ensure your website’s content is optimized for better results.

Our on-site optimization strategy (also known as on-page optimization) aims to collaborate the functional areas of SEO to make sure they compliment and enhance one another. Essentially, this is where we bring it all together.

Our off-site optimization strategy focuses on ensuring your website’s backlinks are generating equity for your business, and establishing a well-developed social media presence.

Once we’ve developed a comprehensive marketing campaign, we offer an easy-to-read dashboard with regular updates and reports on your SEO strategy that can be viewed at your leisure.

How effective is your current SEO strategy?