Effective content marketing is crucial for a successful digital marketing campaign. Hubspot states that B2B marketers allocate almost 30% of their total marketing budget to content marketing. With such a large investment, it is important to have a content marketing campaign that delivers results. Understanding the intricate relationship between directed content and target audience is at the core of a successful content marketing strategy. At Digital Alliance, we focus on a three-step approach to content marketing in order to increase consumer traffic and generate new leads:

Step 1: Content Strategy

 Benefits: building an audience to increase revenues, lowers costs, better customers, and/or improves talent acquisition
Creation, management and promotion of valuable content assets targeted to a defined target audience.

Step 2: Content Creation

Develop and create in-depth content covering targeted topics and keywords with the right message to the right audience increasing your sales conversions and shortening your sales cycles.
Topical coverage that improves user experience and helps bring on-going value to your readers and search engines.

Step 3: Content Deployment & Promotion

Content Marketing success comes from 20% content creation and 80% content promotion. After completing steps 1 and 2 monitoring after deployment is crucial to the success of your campaign.
Using an integrated approach of SEO, organic and paid social media marketing, email promotion, pay-per-click marketing, influencer marketing and retargeting to get message in front of your buyers and talent in the right place and the right time.