Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Sarno

Anthony is the CEO for Digital Alliance. With over 14 years of management experience at Asca Office Solutions Inc., one of Canada’s best managed IT companies, he understands the hard work and dedication needed to run a successful business. Asca has won multiple awards, including Canada’s top IoT provider of the year and Profit 500’s 8th fastest growing Canadian company in 2015. These awards are a direct testament to Anthony’s ability to run a successful, profitable business. His primary focus at Digital Alliance will be on growth and operations of the company.


Christina Fenuta, CPA, CGA

Christina earned her CPA, CGA designation with tremendous experience while working for KPMG [a big four global accounting firm]. Christina then went onto focusing on helping small to medium-sized companies with Collins Barrow prior to joining the ASCA Office Solutions team as the Controller. Christina has a no quit attitude and believes the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Christina is self-motivated and works extremely hard to make sure this mantra is applied in her daily work and is a leader by example. Christina who is a founding partner is a big contributor to supporting our team at Digital Alliance with her strong communication skills, impeccable analytical and organizational skills.

Chief Analyst

Trevor Tynes

Trevor is the content director for Digital Alliance. He specializes in content optimization, with a focus on strategy and creation. Through several years of experience in the industry, he understands the intricate relationship between content and audience. His unique approach to content marketing will help generate new leads and enhance customer loyalty. In addition to content marketing, Trevor also specializes in social media marketing, and project management.

Website Design & Social Media Co-Ordinator

Nikolas Filice

Educator at heart and social media King, Nikolas takes the time to build up anyone’s social media presence through the lenses of inclusion and diversity. A recent graduate of York University, Nikolas uses his knowledge of the human experience to develop posts and social media marketing strategies that will catch the eye of any target audience. Nikolas works with ASCA Office Solutions as there social media marketer and has brought business through his online marketing. Over a short time Nikolas became a Sales Representative.

Project Manager

Shivani Mittal

Leveraging over 5 of years experience, Shivani helps professionals to rekindle the passion in their business, allowing them to connect with their ideal customers by developing a Digital Marketing Blueprint that transforms the entire business from its core, causing a resurgence of passion and energy from the business owners that translates throughout the rest of the organization. Changing the conversation to a point where customers are drawn to them with a strategic game plan involving growth hacking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a digital marketing plan, and branding that’s focused on resonating with their target audience. Shivani’s additional skillset involves business consulting, market analysis research, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), reputation management, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

Project Analyst

Neha Verma

Neha is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Project Analyst with over 2 years of experience and keeping herself up-to-date with the continuously evolving and fast-moving SEO landscape. Neha prides herself on staying on top of technological, search engine trends, ranking factors, and ever-changing algorithms. She understands the importance of always staying five steps ahead in this ever-changing field and complex dynamics. Neha’s specialty includes business consulting, digital marketing, social media marketing as well as analytics.

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